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Testimonial: The Red States

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The Contemporary A cappella League is often described as a continuation of one’s collegiate a cappella career – a second chance at vocal music glory after graduation, if you will. But with all due respect to those who describe it as such, we have to disagree with that assessment – our experience over the past four-and-a-half years has been so much more than that. CAL has offered in itself an institution from whence previously unimagined opportunities and
lifelong friendships came. We’ve performed together in both large sports stadiums and intimate world-renowned venues throughout our native New York City and beyond. We’ve been asked to play integral roles in private parties, birthday surprises, marriage proposals … you name it. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people
over the years – especially one another.

So it makes sense that we would want to participate in a festival that celebrates an institution that has created this chance for us, as well as so many amazing groups that we’ve had the honor of performing with, groups we’re friends with, groups we admire. Last year’s VCN kicked off perfectly with a large-scale concert featuring a cadre of these wonderful CAL groups who put on one great show after another – not to mention an awesome first-time performance from Cognitive Resonance. And it only got better from there, with a full day of sharing knowledge with one another. We learned so much from our master class with Overboard, Mickey Hamilton and Tom Keyes alone, nevermind the rest of the day’s seminars and workshops featuring some of the biggest and most widely respected names in the aca-game. It all led up to the main show on Saturday night though, which was simply dazzling -
starting off with the lovely and talented ladies of Treble and the powerful, funky members of Euphonism before professional powerhouses Duwende and The Swingle Singers took to the stage. Simply put, we were moved by what we saw, and inspired. Spending the rest of the night partying with all of these wonderful, insanely talented people didn’t hurt either – not until the next morning, anyway.

Basically, VCN doesn’t just celebrate a cappella, though even in just that regard alone it succeeds admirably. It celebrates community, immense talent, music, friendship, and family.

Long story short, we’ll see you there.

- The Red States


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