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What does it take to be a CASA festival VIP?

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Hear ye, hear ye! VoCALnation VIP passes are now on sale! You may be wondering, “What would it take for me to be a VIP at VoCALnation? What do I have to do?” It’s pretty simple, really. You have to be willing to be one of 10 people who exclusively get the following:

  • Priority access to limited-enrollment workshops and masterclasses,
  • A private luncheon with CLUSTER, Afro-Blue, and other aca-celebrities,
  • Front row seating to both the CAL & Professional Showcases,
  • Someone from the VCN Production team you can call on a moment’s notice to answer questions about classes, performances, and local information,
  • Participation in a collaborative recording project with members of CAL, CLUSTER, Afro-Blue, and Cartoon Johnny!

You could also:

  • Have these guys hold your baby:
    Christopher Diaz (Mouth Off!) and Fredo Austin (Overboard, Blueprint) with Oliver (son of Julia & George Hoffman)
  • Take photos with talent, like Joan and Bill Hare (SoJam VIPs) did:

    Bill Hare and Joan Hare (SoJam VIPs) with The Boxettes

  • Get hugs from talent, like Erin Layer (LAAF VIP) did:

    Erin Layer (LAAF VIP) with Kevin Olusola of Pentatonix


Think you have what it takes to partake in the VIP awesomeness? Buy your pass (and one for a friend) today! There are only 10 available, so hurry!

“Being a CASA VIP was a perfect ‘superfan’ experience: a mix of access to performers, great seats for the shows, and a chance to see what recording was like…” – Vicki, BOSS 2012 VIP

“It’s like you won the lottery and you get to unleash your wildest aca-fantasies.” – Selame, SoJam 2011/LAAF 2012/BOSS 2012 VIP

“You get the best seat in the house, surrounded by the best people in the house, listening to the best music in the house/world, and everyone around you thinks, ‘OOO, he’s a VIP! Which member of The House Jacks is he?’” – Matt, LAAF 2012/BOSS 2012 VIP



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