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Meet Your Instructors: Christopher Diaz

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Here’s the latest post in our instructor spotlight series. I (Emilie Begin) sort of met Christopher Diaz at last year’s SingStrong Aca-Idol event, when he called my beatboxing “adorable”. I also feel like a huge nerd because All-Night Yahtzee’s Minor Adjustments was the first a cappella album I ever bought, and he arranged almost everything on that album. We’re very excited to welcome Chris to VoCALnation, and can’t wait to get some tips on blocking and arranging from him.

Name: Christopher Diaz

A cappella group (if you are a part of one): Threadbare, The Exchange

Favorite song at the moment: “Hold On To Me” by Theresa Andersson

What you’re teaching: Blocking for Beginners, Arranging Panel

What can people expect from your workshop?: People can expect practical tips and tricks to make their visual performance as compelling as their musical one. Seems that many singers (especially males) are frightened of ‘blocking’ and ‘choreography’, but with a little thoughtful prep, your movements and where you do them on the stage can help you find even more soul and purpose in your music. The arranging panel will allow arrangers to bring any questions, issues or ideas to a group of arrangers with a wide range of experiences and creative processes.

What’s one a cappella thing VCN attendees might be surprised to know about you?: Until two months ago I’d never left the country?

What’s your favorite sound, and why?: I have two: the sound of babies laughing because no matter HOW I’m feeling, that will make me smile, and I also love the sound of construction paper ripping. Not sure why, but there is something deeply satisfying about it.

Any guilty pleasures?: Selena. Gomez. I’m sorry I just love her and her songs!

Finally, who are you most excited to see and hear at VCN (instructor or group)? I’ve been obsessed with Cluster for years now but have NEVER seen them live- I am DYING to see them in person for the first time!!


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