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Meet Your Instructors: Michael Eldredge

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Here’s another post in our VCN instructor profile series. Michael Eldredge is no stranger to the a cappella world, and his photos prove it. The guy knows how to capture the energy and emotion behind a cappella performances, and a look at his photos from LAAF and SoJam prove it. Michael was a member of SVU’s all-male group Shameless, and has basically become the photographer of all things CASA-related in the last few years. It’s only natural that he would be teaching a class called “Seeing Music”, which explores the non-verbal communication that can establish a connection with the audience. Thanks for the profile, Michael!

Name: Michael Eldredge

A cappella group (if you are a part of one): None

Favorite song at the moment: Somebody That I Used to Know (Pentatonix version)

What you’re teaching: Seeing Music

What can people expect from your workshop?: They can expect a new understanding of things they experience during live performance, and hopefully a clearer focus moving forward crafting their own performances, allowing them stronger connection with their audiences.

What’s one a cappella thing VCN attendees might be surprised to know about you?: There was a time, many years ago, when I actually sang outside of the shower.

What’s your favorite sound, and why?: The small solo at the beginning of “The Lion King”. No reason, just like it.

Any guilty pleasures?: “Make it or Break it”

Finally, who are you most excited to see and hear at VCN (instructor or group)?: The connection between the members of Clearly Vocal made for some lovely onstage moments last time I saw them. I’m looking forward to their performance this year.


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