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Tweetchat June 19th 9pm EST: How to join/start a CAL group w/ Jim Diego

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All of us at VoCAL Nation are so excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first tweet chat! We know (and love) how active our community is on social media, so we thought it would be great to get everyone together at the same time and really get a dialogue started. With the flood of recent college graduates interested in continue singing and VoCAL Nation just over a month away, we think there’s no better topic for our first chat that How to join/start a CAL group?  The tweet chat will take place on Wednesday, June 19th starting at 9pm EST, and will feature Jim Diego from Restated (formerly The Red States)! As one of the founders of this very successful group and CASA Ambassador of the NYC area, we know Jim is going to do a great job in this role.

Now we know you’re all very tech-savvy people, but just in case you haven’t participated in a tweet chat before we wanted to provide a little bit of information.

What’s a tweet chat anyway?

A tweet chat is similar to any workshop you might attend at a CASA festival (you know, like VoCAL Nation)…just on Twitter. VoCAL Nation’s social media team will coordinate and moderate the discussion featuring Jim from 9pm to 10pm. The team will ask Jim between 5 and 8 questions related to the topic that he will answer throughout the hour.

How can I participate?

You can follow the conversations from home and additionally join in the with your own questions and comments if you choose! The important thing to know is that all tweets related to the tweet chat should include VoCAL Nation’s official hashtag #VCN2013. By monitoring the twitter feed associated with the hashtag and using it in your own responses, you will be able to keep a pulse on all of the discussion in real time!

Tips, tricks, and things to remember

  • If many people join the conversation (fingers crossed!), it be difficult to keep up with the rapidly updating twitter feed. To stay on top of it all there are a ton of helpful sites to use such as Tweet chat, Twitterfall, or Tweetgrid. You can also use other platforms or feed aggregates such Hootsuite to keep the thread of the conversation.
  • To keep the Tweet chat feed clear, only use the #VCN2013 hashtag when your tweet is relevant to the conversation. A lot of our friends will be on this chat and is encouraged to engage with them, but if the interaction is not related to the conversation take it outside of the chat. Similarly, please ask VoCAL Nation, Jim, and other users questions if you have them, but please stay on topic!
  • If you strongly agree with a post or want to share something with your own followers please feel free to retweet! Further, if you want to repost and add a comment to a person’s tweet but don’t have enough character space, retweet their post and then mention them (ex. @VoCALNation) in a subsequent tweet with your feedback and the #VCN2013 hashtag.
  • Please remember that this is a dialogue and not a debate. It’s okay to disagree with people or add contrasting input, but please be respectful. We’re all friends!

That about covers it! If you have any question please feel free to comment, post on facebook, or tweet us at @VoCALNation. Otherwise, we look forward to talking with Jim and the rest of you on June 19th!


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